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Harmful Nova Scotia Plants application

We recently developed a companion application to our Useful Nova Scotia Plants application. This one is called Harmful Nova Scotia Plants.

Once again, the content was developed by Marian Munro, botany curator of the Nova Scotia Museum. This one does not exclusively feature native Nova Scotia plants, but instead divides plants into three categories: Wild, Garden and House –– and so includes non-native plants that might be found in or around the home, such as Aloe Vera and Nutmeg.

It’s available as a web application written in Elm and once again as an Ember application in iOS and Android versions.


  • Halifax Magazine Sarah Sawler wrote a piece for Halifax magazine

  • The Signal –– King’s College publication –– impressive work for a journalism school student, one who – as far as I know – was also the one who ‘got the scoop’

  • CBC Information Morning - Listen to Marian Munro talk about the app with Don Connolly

  • CBC article

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