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Chronicle Herald features our Useful Nova Scotia Plants application

I won’t delve too deep here into the current politics or quality of the Chronicle Herald, suffice it to say that workers have been on strike for about a year, and if this article was any indication, things are rough in the “newsroom” – I would hazard a guess that “content” (one would hesitate to call this journalism) may now be produced by overseas “writers” for whom English is not a first language.

The article initially erronneously credited the app not to myself and Marian Munro, but to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and use passages from a blog post that Marian had written for the Nature Conservancy website, making them appear as quotes from an interview with a staff writer.

The went on to grab an image from our marketing website without permission and labeled it as “contributed”, and went on to write that the app had been released on Dec 7th, presumably because Marian’s blog post was published on that day.

At any rate, after some back and forth with someone who appears to be in some way affiliated with the paper, the article was slightly modified to get some facts straight, and here it is in all its glory:

Here’s hoping editorial staff get back to work soon. As the article points out in a half-formed sentence, we are also working on a guide to poison plants.

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