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May 20, 2016

LocoHost - Chrome extension for Rails, Elm, Ember, and other devs

alt LocoHost

I released a Chrome extension called LocoHost that allows you to set up a series of quick links to localhost on various ports. It scratches an itch I had related to the frustration of typing in localhost:3000 for Rails, then localhost:4200 for Ember, and then moving to localhost:4000 for Phoenix and so on. Also an excuse to work develop a Chrome extension 😉.

After installing the extension, the first and only step required is visiting the options to set up the various items you need.

Here’s a screenshot of options page, where you can manage items:

alt LocoHost screenshot

Find it at the Chrome Web Store under Locohost

The source is available and open-sourced with an MIT license at my Github repo locohost

Possible future features:

  • Ability to sort either manually or by choice of port/name
  • Ability to add framework logos
  • Ability to choose between opening in new tab or current

And yes I am using it to write this…

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Gordon B. Isnor writes about Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Elm, Elixir, Phoenix, React, Vue and the web.
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