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Oct 15, 2015

Phoenix Elixir Bootstrap alert flash helper

This is how I recently implemented a bootstrap alert helper for flash messages in a Phoenix app. It’s a pretty basic first solution that uses Elixir’s pattern matching to display the appropriate flash message type based on what’s currently set.


 <%= show_flash(@conn) %>


defmodule MyApp.LayoutView do
    use MyApp.Web, :view

    def show_flash(conn) do
      get_flash(conn) |> flash_msg

    def flash_msg(%{"info" => msg}) do
      ~E"<div class='alert alert-info'><%= msg %></div>"

    def flash_msg(%{"error" => msg}) do
      ~E"<div class='alert alert-danger'><%= msg %></div>"

    def flash_msg(_) do


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Gordon B. Isnor

Gordon B. Isnor writes about Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Elm, Elixir, Phoenix, React, Vue and the web.
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