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Jan 6, 2015

Ember and Ruby on Rails Associated Record Problems

I’ve been learning Ember recently, using Rails as backend. Not having this one line in my application caused me a world of hurt: App.ApplicationSerializer = DS.ActiveModelSerializer.extend({}); I was going through all kinds of pain to force Ember to load associations and it was making a geniune mess of my application and leaving me a bit baffled with Ember.

Ember by default expects an association conveyed as projects: [1,2,3] as opposed to a typical Rails association project_ids: [1,2,3]

Ember => app/app.js:

App.ApplicationSerializer = DS.ActiveModelSerializer.extend({});

Rails => app/serializers/client_serializer.rb:

class ClientSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
  embed :ids
  has_many :projects

Ember => app/models/

Client = DS.Model.extend
    projects: DS.hasMany('project', {async: true})      

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Gordon B. Isnor writes about Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Elm, Elixir, Phoenix, React, Vue and the web.
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